Scale up as you go. Cloud based services grow with your demand and keep your operations agile.

Cut hardware costs

Pay as you go. Cloud based subscription models are kind to your company’s cash flow.

Increase collaboration

Reinvent your office by allowing your team to work any time, from anywhere, and do it better.

Work from anywhere

If you have Internet, you can work. Offer more flexible working perks to your employees.

Document control

Stop sending files. Cloud based services enable you to store all your files in one central location

Physical Security

Lost devices are a liability. Cloud computing keeps all of your data is in one safe place.

Bolivar Consulting is where know-how meets experience. We have written software since the early 90’s and we were among the early adopters of Cloud Computing Technology.

Take your tried and true business practices and cast then into your own web-based application to decrease your cost and increase your capacity.

Integrate all your multimedia, email, text messages, telephone functions, and document control into one seamless application.

Bolivar Consulting strives to understand your day to day operation so we can build you an application that fits you just like a glove.

Custom Cloud Applications improve efficiency and scalability without the learning curve of adopting static and proprietary business software.

Open Source or Microsoft

Build your own


Bolivar Consulting Open Source Development

Open Source Development

The LAMP stack architecture is found everywhere on the Internet today. Its core components are the Linux operating system, the Apache Web Server, the MySQL database, and PHP – the world’s most versatile and advanced programming language for web applications today.

All our Open Source Cloud Applications utilize the latest features of HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3.

Microsoft Development

Microsoft Development allows for easy integration with the IIS (Internet Information Service) web server and your existing Microsoft server infrastructure. But even without your own infrastructure, Microsoft’s Azure service in combination with the Microsoft SQL server guarantees a solid performance for your applications.

All our Visual Basic is developed using the full fledged Visual Studio Development suite of tools.

Harness the Power of Cloud Computing Technology Today!